Hi, I'm Stephanie Lesser.  I've been a business-management-software specialist since 1995 and have helped thousands of businesses - mostly professional photography companies - increase their sales, acquire and retain more clients, and implement time-saving and profit-building procedures - by configuring software to automate routine tasks, track workflow, run reports, etc - and by training you/your staff how to use the software. 

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Kudos from clients                           


Stephanie’s technical support is a life saver!  She took a very difficult third party program and helped me integrate it flawlessly with Spectra.  Now my studio’s promotional emails look as professional as any high end retailer.  One simple phone call with Stephanie helped save me hours painful technical do-it-yourself videos.  Now I get to focus on task of making more money with effective & impactful emails!!

Thanks Stephanie! It’s nice to know I have you at my fingertips whenever I need to translate technical jargon into an easy to navigate path to profits!

Stacey Canfield,  Visual Photography

San Diego, CA


We truly appreciate your time and input today. BIG HELP - BIG HELP!!




Devon San Filippo

Studio Manager

Michael's Photography& Video

Hi Stephanie

Thanks so much for the training today. It was so beneficial to me and i'm sure it will help us get moving.

You were fantastic and explained everything very clearly. Thanks for the extended and late time as well.

Kind Regards

Dean Bentick


Perfect, thanks so much for your patience & awesome customer service!

Have a great weekend - Michelle


Michelle Phillips

Trademan Photography



It was so fun to see you during Imaging! Thank you so much for always being there to answer our questions! We appreciate you!


-Katie & the Clark Marten Photography team


thanks Stephanie... it was great speaking with you as well. thank you for all that you explained, i feel confident that i can start using the software aptly.

Thank you once again

Warm Regards,





Thanks for your time today, it was very helpful and informative. My staff is excited about the changes and we look forward to next time when we go live with it fully.

Thanks again! Probably talk to you soon.

Ryne Hazen


Hi Stephanie,

I did the ‘delete a group’ and it worked perfectly. Thanks. You saved the day again.

Barbara Tomany

Studio 2 Photography & Videography


We at Loveless were so excited with the information Stephanie Lesser shared with us. She is an amazing teacher, instructor and lady. The areas that she introduced to us are going to make our workflow so much easier. Alan Loveless, owner and my husband, is really excited about being able to get accurate reports of everything he needs.

Thank you so much for this program and allowing Stephanie to come to our studio so we could allow all of our employees to work and meet her. We will certainly be keeping in touch with her!


Betty Loveless

and the Loveless Team


Got it. Thank so much for all your help and support. You know I was very nervous about this transition and you told me you would be right there with me and you are!! I really appreciate working with you!!

Eric Simonson

Simonson Photograhy


I'm impressed... an answer within 15 minutes and well after normal hours...

Thanks much... I really do appreciate it...



Stephanie-You’re the best!


Lisa A. Scale, L.P.P.O

Bella Photography Inc.



Thank you for your quick reply! Have a good evening.






Really, you're fantastic! Not only do you help me with my concerns, but you add little ways to improve my workflow and profit line. You're a true asset to Studio + and to MY business!

Thanks again for your patience and fantastic sense of humor. It's a true pleasure working, or rather learning with you.

-Tom Usher


You are always faithful.


Thank you so much!




Jane and I want to thank Stephanie for all her help today on getting started
with our software program. We have alot to learn and feel confident that
Stephanie will help us through this process. She's always upbeat while working
thru the problems and displays a lot of patience when needed!

Thanks again.

Linda Hutnak and Jane Kaminski


Thank you. I was able to figure it out. I am looking forward to working with your software. It will be very useful with in my small operation. Your help making these first steps were invaluable. 

Ava Boothe

AVA Photo & Video


Hey Steph,

You are great! Thank you for getting me out of a big fat mess! I think I have straightened out the problems with your prompt help!! I will toast you with my 4th of July beer! :)






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